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DeWitt Curlex I single layer excelsior landscaping erosion control blanket used for erosion control in commercial or residential landscaping areas. If you have concerns about excess water damage or erosion to land at your commercial or residential area, you might need the help of the DeWitt Curlex I Single Layer Erosion Control Blanket. This erosion blanket comes in the form of a 4-foot wide xThe material and can be routinely used for urban draining, stream banks, waterways, and on-highway embankments, ditch bottoms, slopes, bridges, approaches, and medians. Thanks to the dyed green color, the blanket can better blend in with the natural green grass color.

  • Erosion Control Blankets
  • How to Apply Erosion Control Netting for Landscaping
  • How and when to use an erosion control blanket
  • Erosion Control Blanket Single Net Seed Germination Landscape Lawn 4 X 112.5 FT
  • Erosion Control Matting
  • Curlex Natural Biodegradable Erosion Control Blanket
  • Erosion control blanket, the effective slope protection system
  • Amercan Excelsior Residential E-MAT Erosion-Control Blanket
  • Rolled Erosion Control Blankets
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Erosion Control Blankets

Coconut Erosion Control Blankets are good for up to Slopes. Lengths can vary. We have fabric pins in stock to secure the blankets.

It is sold by the foot and the roll. We have landscape fabric and rock available if you are building a french drain. We are a proud distrubtor of Arkansaw Valley Seeds. Some are available in bulk so you can get what you need. We stock different size Geo Grid for erosion control and wall stabilization.

It is best to follow an Engineers design when using Geo Grid. Please let us know what you need. We have Fabric pins which should be used to hold in place. We offer a large variety of seed to revegetitate any disturbed areas. It is installed with either T posts or Wood Posts. Can be attached to the post with either zip ties or Cal Tie wire. We have fabric pins available to secure. We have a large variety of seed available to revegitate any disturbed areas.

We offer a large line of Erosion Control Products. Read More. Geo Grid We stock different size Geo Grid for erosion control and wall stabilization. Sand Bags We have sand bags available they can be purchased either filled or empty.

How to Apply Erosion Control Netting for Landscaping

Water is one of the most powerful forces on Earth. When combined with windy conditions, it can damage even the best-maintained soil and landscapes. Thankfully, there are several erosion control methods you can utilize. By implementing any of these erosion control methods, you can manage erosion and protect the soil and vegetation in your garden or landscaping. Thanks to its durability and ability to withstand adverse weather conditions, riprap is a good erosion control method.

Double Net Straw Erosion Control Blanket. Provides excellent protection. Each blanket features a consistent thickness and distribution of fibers.

How and when to use an erosion control blanket

Coir Blanket gsm, roll size 1m x 10m nominal. Aussie Environmental Coir Blankets are an effective way to prevent soil erosion on slopes and re-establish natural vegetation. Also available in 2m x 20m roll size. Aussie Environmental has a range of different Erosion Control Blankets, suitable for a variety of different applications. Whether you require a blanket for soil stabilisation, weed suppression or retaining moisture, we have the blanket right for you. For soley weed suppression, Aussie Environmental has a polypropylene Weed Mat which is UV stabilised designed to inhibit weed growth, while still allowing water and air flow for healthy soil and plants. Strong and durable and easy to install yourself, AE Weed Matting can be laid over the top of soil or buried under ground.

Erosion Control Blanket Single Net Seed Germination Landscape Lawn 4 X 112.5 FT

Erosion control blankets provide vegetative support and prevent soil and seed from washing away. Blankets can be installed on slopes, pond embankments, stream restoration projects, channels and anywhere you are experiencing soil erosion. Temporary Erosion Control Blankets are rolled erosion control products composed of natural fibers that are both photodegradable and biodegradable. These rolled erosion blankets can last up to 36 months depending on material, application and installation.

Erosion control matting is a rolled erosion control product, also known as an erosion blanket.

Erosion Control Matting

Connecticut erosion control guidelines as well as those by the U. EPA encourage the use erosion control blankets to prevent pollution from storm water run-off and to help keep soil in place on steep grades. In fact, by , all construction projects that disturb 10 or more acres of land will be required to submit an erosion control plan in writing to obtain the necessary permits. Erosion control blankets are one solution to this problem. Such devices are available in a variety of forms, both temporary and permanent, and can benefit a number of different types of job sites in a variety of industries.

Curlex Natural Biodegradable Erosion Control Blanket

Reduce the negative impacts the elements can have on your landscape. Take action with the products below! Tip: Any combination of grasses, shrubs and trees will help reduce the effects of erosion. Each provides roots that hold the soil together and surface material that reduces the weight of waterfall and the damaging effects of wind. Tip: Use straw blankets and staples when planting seeds for added protection during germination. These materials can be especially useful when planting grass seed. Natural elements will contort the landscape. Erosion can leave an area barren, affect water supplies, introduce pollutants, wash away shoreline and take decades to rebuild.

During landscaping professionals have to face a number of challenges posed by weather, land and nature. Special steps must be taken to prevent sedimentation.

Erosion control blanket, the effective slope protection system

Established plants can help to hold the soil on a slope in place and prevent erosion. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to get plants to stay on the slope long enough to become established. Water runoff can wash away young plants and seedlings before they have an opportunity to establish strong root systems. To counteract this problem, install an erosion-control mat on the slope.

Amercan Excelsior Residential E-MAT Erosion-Control Blanket

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Are you looking for erosion control products for your landscaping business? Stormwater is attributed to flooding and water pollution in urban environments which makes erosion control essential in urban landscapes. Not only does urban runoff control combat water pollution and property damage, it can also aid in water conservation and the protection of wildlife habitats. Storm drain filters are easy to install and maintain and are a simple, yet efficient, water pollution solution.

Erosion is a naturally occurring issue, as it can be the result of rainfall, wind, severe weather and other climate-based changes.

Rolled Erosion Control Blankets

Erosion control matting are hillside erosion control products like biodegradable erosion control blanket, coir mats, or the coconut erosion control blanket. Erosion control matting products reduce the effects of erosion, and enable plants to take root. Coir blankets provide sediment control in large open areas and on steep slopes to prevent erosion, while erosion mats meant for more temporary projects work on lower slopes with slower water flows. Request a Quote or call us:Semi-permanent erosion control blankets offer a higher strength design. Depending on the area in which the erosion is occurring, this type of erosion control blanket will last for 2 to 6 years until it degrades.

Depending on job site requirements, a variety of Quick Mow, environmentally sensitive, and stronger netting types are available. At a standard width of 8 feet, which is 18 inches wider than conventional straw ECBs, our Premier Straw ECBs are specifically designed to provide you with the most effective installation widths available. Premier straw blankets are available individually wrapped or in master packs to allow for mechanical unloading and stacking. This is a net made of jute that is laid and anchored over straw or other mulch to protect the mulch from wind and water damage.

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