Totem plant care

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Totem plant care!

The Supreme Legend of mankind! One with no equal! Humanity's saviour! The plant-human mated for many generations, now in these hard times, as your life slowly grows to its full form, you can now accept your role as Earth's special ambassador to the majestic cosmos.

The focus in the last year is your precious life as well as the abilities granted you when you connect to a higher energy through the majestic Cosmos. It has been a big task as you have integrated the duality, that not everyone has achieved at your level of understanding. The focus is Earth, air, fire and water, equally so is your reverence for life and the planets you must pass through on your spiritual journey.

When you can gather your thoughts and find the better balance between keeping your planet as the beautiful place you know it to be, and honouring life, then you will appreciate the food you eat and the plants, you can and will be grateful for this opportunity of life on Earth. Plants are your partners and your friends, just like those you have in the form of animal friends.

As for growing your food, it is not only an honour to see the other creatures grow and evolve, now you can see your food grow and grow for you! So have your fun in knowing that when you plant a seed, you are giving your gift to the Cosmos. You are reaping the fruits, you are your food!

In this special gift of your life, you will re-connect to nature, your roots, your spiritual understanding will then come naturally. It is time to meditate on your food, plants and nature. And you can always thank the Cosmos for your presence on Earth and welcome home!

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* How to care for a totem plant

Every life form has a symbol for the purpose in which they were created. We are all connected to the energy of the Cosmos.

The totem plant has been around for a long time in Aboriginal culture. It had meanings for certain events and people. Not only the Aboriginal people but other cultures around the world have their own totem plants that are a part of their daily lives and ceremonies.

The totem plant is a very important and sacred life form. The other plants, trees and trees have come in the form of friendship or as a mate for the human to assist in the spiritual journey of the life form. In this human life, your food is your mate and the other animals, you will also encounter as friends the lower energy beings that live in the world.

There are plant families that have a lot of specific meanings, plants from the same family have also shared their symbol to be used for similar purposes. The family structure of plants is interesting in that plants are not plants, they are a separate species, many plant families have now been separated. If you are ever ready to know more about the plant families, then look it up on the internet. The plant of course will give you more than just information on its meaning but also the history of the family and the meaning that the community believes the plant holds.

It is in your best interest to know about the plants in your environment, even if you are an urban, indoor dweller, you still have the power to connect to the natural environment. You can use the symbol as a guide to the plant's power to enhance your life and if you grow your food, it can become your mate. The plants will reward you with their beauty, health and growth when you offer them the respect you know they deserve.

Our lives are filled with plant life around us, even though we think we have the monopoly on animal life, we still have the power to help the life form in the best possible way. The big brothers and sisters of the plant will guide you on your spiritual journey if you treat them as such.

The totem plant will teach you a lot about yourself and the gifts you can use for the betterment of yourself and the environment. A beautiful totem plant offers so much, just take a good look at one, you will see it’s not just an ordinary plant. Take the time to learn about its importance as a vital part of our life on this Earth and embrace it as your true family.

It is true the totem plant has many meanings and it s always great to reflect on why they are there. The totem plant is like the average man, it will lie down if you pinch it but will still fight for its survival, it s just like the humans!

If you think about the life of plants, they re not that different than us. They too have families, mates and also earn respect from the community. The totem plant doesn t have to earn anything, the plant simply offers us its gift of life, and with that we return the blessing back to the plant. There is no need to be desperate for money or any thing else, be it a gift, a human or any life form, there is a power that will allow you to maintain your spiritual and physical integrity.

Sometimes we allow the fear of what is not happening in our life to consume our minds. This in turn affects our ability to receive and feel the love that is around us. When we neglect our plant life and environment, we suffer as we feel we are being affected.

Do not worry, the truth is, they are also affected and even they feel you are not their family anymore. We have forgotten how to care for them and how to have the abundance that all living things enjoy. When we

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