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Poinsettia plant care in india. Which one? {#sec001}


Let us consider the most popular ornamentals available all over the world. Some perennial types have become familiar in each and every landscape due to their great beauty and also unique nature in the markets. As their name suggests, there is no vegetable that does not attract plant-based decorations. They can be considered as unique plants for any decorative need, even with the possible availability of other plants.

We believe that poinsettias are among the most popular ornamentals around the world and are very much in demand. In such terms, we want to make this issue clear that poinsettias have become so popular that no region is free from their growing.

Poinsettias are among the most decorative ornamental plants due to their long lasting flowers in color. They can be grown in a range of climates from winter to summer. They need enough time in growth to make the flower bloom in rich colors.

Usually, poinsettias are grown by planting the cuttings in pots as opposed to the seeds. It is preferred to plant the cuttings in pots because they are easy to grow and are very tolerant to the many different environmental conditions. After the set of a couple of months, the poinsettias will be ready to use.

Even though poinsettias are known to have the intense color of red in their flowers, there are also a wide range of other colors available. So, there are more options than to just just mention red flowers.

There are various plant parts that come under poinsettia plant care. From stems, leaves, buds, and berries. Plant care is most popular with plant owners because this will ensure the excellent flower growth that will definitely earn the plants to be named.

In the days gone by, the initial care was rather difficult, but with the passing of time, it has become so easy that anyone can easily take care of the plants. Here, we will discuss the poinsettia plant care for its stems, leaves, and buds.

1. Stem Care {#sec002}


You need to ensure that your poinsettia plants should be watered for at least 2-3 hours a day or at least 8-10 times a day. If the plant is small, the amount of water it requires should be minimum, but when the plant is mature, then you should give it adequate water.

The light amount plays a vital role in the formation of a mature stem of a poinsettia plant. Thus, we recommend a bright, shaded environment. So, in a bright, shaded environment, you can place your plant at an average height of about 60 cm.

The lights that should be kept around your poinsettia plant are 20-24 watts per square meter. It will be better if the lights are left in place for at least 1 hour a day and the amount of light that should be kept for each plant should be increased, according to the age of the plant.

The ideal pH range of the soil should be from 6.5 to 7.5. The ideal temperature range of the soil is 26--32 degrees Celsius. It should be heated up as much as possible to maintain the ideal temperatures for growth of the plant.

You should plant your poinsettia plants in a soil rich in nutrients, which is necessary to develop a healthy plant. By neglecting the plant's need for soil-rich soil, it can result in a low-quality plant with weak and skinny stems and leaves. So, always make sure that you include a healthy amount of soil while planting your poinsettia plant.

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