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Description of culture

The tree is found in the northern part of the hemisphere, it is most adapted to a temperate climate, it develops well in the subtropics. Due to its bright, exuberant inflorescence and unusual color of the foliage, the apple tree belongs to the group of decorating trees and shrubs.

Inflorescences are pale white, bright red or deep pink color, flowering abundantly spreads along the length of the branch, in an umbrella-like form, and since the tree size is about 10 meters (which is much smaller than that of a domestic apple tree), an artificial effect is created, which attracts attention of everyone around.

The average flower diameter is 4 centimeters. The foliage of the decorative culture also has features. Size - 8-10 centimeters, oblong-ovoid. Most often, at the initial development of the bud (first half of May), there are no leaves on the tree yet.

Among the decorative varieties, there are undersized, dwarf and half-dwarf crops. Many types of such plantings have been developed, which are distributed according to the crown type.

Variety of decorative apple crowns:

  • spreading (branches are randomly located in all directions)
  • weeping (branches are directed downward, creates the impression of a mushroom-shaped cap)
  • compressed (have a small number of branches held near the base of the trunk)
  • columnar (have many skeletal branches, gradually diverging from below to the sides).

Fertility is inherent, but it is not recommended to use the crop, since the taste characteristics do not at all correspond to ordinary fruits.

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